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No.  We are only licensed in the state of Missouri, and cannot assist in with the Kansas CDL.

We are conveniently located at 1121 SE Browning St., Lee’s Summit, MO 64063.  Please call (816) 554-9005 for appointment.

After we review your skills, our clients are allowed the use of our truck for the purpose of taking the Missouri commercial driver’s license test.

We’ve been in this industry since 1995 and will not only evaluate your skills and provide guidance and practice in areas that need work, but we also allow our clients to take the Missouri CDL test using one of our trucks.  We have both an automatic transmission and a 6-speed manual truck, a 30′ trailer, and air brakes, allowing you to focus on driving skills and excellent equipment control during the driving portion of the CDL test.

Bill is a former CDL driver examiner, so he and his employees are very familiar with the skills necessary to pass the CDL tests.  Because of our extensive experience, we have an exceptional success ratio when clients prepare with CDL Ready.

For the morning consulting session in preparation for CDL testing the same day: $575    For refresher consulting and extra practice up to 3 hours including backing up trailers (held in the afternoon): $400   Note:  Despite rising costs, CDL Ready maintains some of the lowest fees in the area for truck driver skills consulting and review.

We accept cash, corporate checks (no personal checks), and credit card payments from MasterCard, VISA, or Discover.  Please bring your payment to your assigned session; we will process any credit card payment at that time.  Fees must be paid in full before the session begins.

The Missouri CDL manual can be found here.

Do I need to know the entire Missouri CDL manual?

It depends on which certifications you are testing for. Class A CDL requirements:

  • Part 1 General Knowledge (sections 1, 2, and 3)
  • Part 2 Section 5 – Air Brakes
  • Part 2 Section 6 – Combination Vehicle

Class B CDL requirements:

  • Part 1 General Knowledge (sections 1, 2, and 3)
  • Part 2 Section 5 – Air Brakes

No.  Federal regulations require that you have your permit at least 14 calendar days before testing with the Highway Patrol. Note – the 14 day mandatory wait starts the day you purchase the permit, not the day you pass the written test.

The CDL learner’s permit is in effect for 6 months.  However, the permit is eligible for a one-time renewable period for an additional 6 months.

Because the pre-trip inspection is considered a basic skill that all truck drivers must be able to successfully perform, if you fail the pre-trip inspection, then you will not be allowed to perform any additional tests that day.  You’ll need to reschedule your test. Make sure you don’t have an issue with the pre-trip inspection!  Failing the pre-trip inspection will just cause unnecessary delay.  Hire us, and let us help you with your skills to pass the test.

Come back for additional practice sessions and skills review!  Contact us for an appointment, or check out our Services page for more information.

Call us at (816) 554-9005 and we will find an available timeslot.  Sessions are scheduled on days when the Missouri CDL testing office has test openings available.

We are happy to provide the number for the CDL testing office so you can call and find a date that works with your schedule.  Once the date has been chosen and reserved, let us know and we’ll get you in for skills review on the same day.

Yes – we offer specialized sessions focusing on the driving skills you need most.  These last up to 3 hours.  Details can be found on our Services and Fees page, or you can contact us for more information.